Efficiency Solution


Our innovative cost control system (CCS) signifies a revolution for ventilation systems.

OPENbalance, the innovative cost control system (CCS) signifies a revolution for buildings. OPENbalance is the perfect efficiency solution for ventilation systems. It reduces ventilation technology energy costs, finds the most economical energy mix and still maintains a comfortable temperature and sense of well-being throughout all of a building. OPENbalance is an innovative efficiency solution, combining building management systems with cost transparency. Here, perfect room climate and energy savings go hand in hand.

From a physical point of view, OPENbalance uses the given movement of the air molecules and reduces the air flow rates: this significantly reduces the noise of the fans, there is no uncomfortable and disturbing airflow so that people in the building feel comfortable – while saving costs at the same time.

OPENbalance clearly visualizes all operating conditions and costs. The building operator always has an overview of all system costs, since the system calculates the costs based on the current energy source costs in real-time.

OPENbalance continuously measures all operating parameters of the energy supply in the ventilation ducts as well as in the rooms and compares it with the target area values saved in the system. As a result, each air flap is ideally set and the parameters temperature, humidity and air quality are balanced so that the most cost-effective operating point within the system’s target area is achieved with the least amount of energy – while ensuring the ideal room temperature.

  • Air flow rate logging and energy cost display in real-time
  • Individual costs are taken into consideration
  • Automatic selection of the most efficient energy mix for your ventilation system
  • The security of an operating point that is always the most cost-effective
  • Elimination of drafts by reducing the air flow rates
  • Guaranteed energy cost savings by reducing air flow rates
  • For new and existing buildings with ventilation systems, e.g. offices and hotels , logistics and production halls, TV studios, museums and indoor pools

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