Graphical Programming Software


FUP XL is smore than just software! It provides you with the ideal project management system that is easy to use and saves you costs at the same time.

  • Intuitive and customizable block-oriented programming in BACnet & HTML5
  • Extensive library of pre-engineered applications, which can be individually modified if required
  • Features more than 200 pre-defined functions including Input/Output, Math, Physics, HVAC, Time, and Sun Position to reduce programming time
  • Test & debug your application in real-time through live system simulation & plausibility test to monitor specific process variables and detect errors as they occur

3D Graphics & HTML 5

Create stunning 3D graphics using our extensive graphics library or the embedded graphic editor.

The OPEN Controller’s new integrated web server displays the graphics faster than ever. The front-end can be visualized using any standard browser via HTML5 , OPENview Control Panel or OPENweb.

Free Programming

Thanks to free programming capability in FUP XL, you can create and program complete independent systems. This provides maximum flexibility as well as the high-powered foundation for convenient, fast and reliable system programming.

Individual Libraries

FUP XL 2 and the libraries for entire systems and system parts enable you to quickly and intuitively create projects, including the necessary documentation.

Use our extensive library of pre-engineered applications, which can be individually modified if required. Or start developing your own library from scratch using the FUP editor

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