Programmable Controller


Powerful, modular, and highly flexible. The OPEN 810 EMS is a programmable, modular and scalable platform controller and an integral component of the DEOS OPEN system. The Internet of Things starts here!

  • Flexible Edge Device for your IoT Building
  • Seamless Integration into any BACnet system through BACnet/IP & BACnet Ethernet
  • Perfect for Gateway & Routing Applications
  • Supports up to 1000 BACnet Objects and up to 1000 Modbus Points
  • Embedded Web Server for hosting of HTML 5 visualization interface and remote Access and Control
  • 1 CAN bus, 1 RS 232, 1 RS 485 and 2 fast Ethernet Interfaces
  • BACnet BTL certified (B-BC Profile)

Highly Flexible Multi-Device for the IoT

The OPEN 810 EMS is a native BACnet Platform Controller, that connects multiple BACnet or Modbus devices to a BACnet/IP or BACnet Ethernet network. Its optional capabilities make it a highly flexible multi-device! Thanks to the OPEN 810’s second Ethernet switch, several controllers can be connected in a daisy chain topology. This makes it easy to set up your Ethernet network, eliminating star-shaped central switch configurations. As a result, you can wire controllers directly, thus reducing wiring requirements by up 75% and saving you both time and money.

Modular & Scalable: I/O Modules

  • up to 9 I/O Modules per OPEN Controller
  • Variety of CAN bus IO/Modules
  • Universal, Digital and Analog Input/Output Modules available

All Controllers and I/O Modules are designed for easy mounting on a 35mm-wide DIN rail.

Embedded HTML 5 Web Server

Built on the newly developed embedded web Server utilizing HTML 5, the complementary Graphical User Interface OPENview provides an array of built-in features such as Trend-Log Visualization and Playback, Alarm Monitoring, Multi-Site Management, and User-Level Management.

Graphical Programming & Configuration

Thanks to free programming capability in FUP XL, DEOS’ Graphical Programming Software, you can create and program complete independent systems. This provides maximum flexibility as well as the high-powered foundation for convenient, fast, and reliable system programming. Alternatively, choose OPENproject for efficient Drag&Drop configuration of the OPEN 810 and lading all connected controllers throughout the entire project at the same time.

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