Project Configuration Software

Project Builder

Configure your project within minutes with OPENproject, our complimentary project configuration software!

  • Plug & Play, Drag & Drop: Easy and fast project configuration
  • Library of pre-engineered applications and devices
  • Logic and Graphics get automatically generated
  • No additional Software, no additional Costs

To save engineering time, Project Builder is your tool of choice for configuring a new project. It allows a comprehensive and fast project configuration while the logic gets automatically programmed in the background.

Project Configuration Made Easy

Project Builder automatically generates the controller program and loads all connected controllers throughout the entire project at the same time. It also supports you with the following steps:

  • Creating the building’s structure, choosing the room controller and assigning it’s MAC address
  • Automated generation of 3D graphics including overview and navigation pages
  • BACnet server and client configuration
  • MODBUS master configuration of the individual slave devices
  • Customization through free programming using FUP XL

Extensive Device Library

Project Builder provides you with comprehensive options for fast configuration and automatic programming of the OPEN controller for all functional modules throughout the entire project trough drag and drop. Use our library of pre-engineered applications, that can be modified if required, or build and load your own library.

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