Programmable Controller

OPEN 600 EMS basic24

Compact BACnet IP Equipment Controller with integrated Inputs and Outputs for Controlling Rooftop Units and small Air Handling Units with embedded HTML 5 Graphical User Interface.

The new OPEN 600 EMS basic24 controller is designed for Controlling small HVAC Systems featuring a compact design and footprint for easy in-cabinet installation. It is equipped with 24 integrated Digital and Analog Inputs and Outputs. Thanks to BACnet IP communication, the controller can be easily integrated into existing systems or operating as stand-alone controller.

BACnet IP Equipment Controller

  • BACnet IP Equipment Controller for Rooftop Unit and AHU Applications
  • 24 Integrated Inputs and Outputs (8 AI, 8 DI, 4 AO, 4 DO)
  • Up to 250 BACnet Objects
  • 1 RS 232, 1 RS 485 and 2 fast Ethernet Interfaces for Daisy-Chain Topology
  • Embedded Web Server for hosting of HTML 5 visualization interface and remote Access and Control
  • Configure pre-loaded applications or create your own Program with FUP XL
  • BACnet BTL certified (B-BC Profile)

Embedded HTML 5 Webserver

Built on the newly developed embedded webserver utilizing HTML 5, the complimentary Graphical User Interface OPENview provides an array of built-in features such as Trend-Log Visualization and Playback, Alarm Monitoring, Multi-Site Management, and User-Level Management.

Graphical Programming & Configuration

Thanks to free programming capability in FUP XL, DEOS’ Graphical Programming Software, you can create and program complete independent systems. This provides maximum flexibility as well as the high-powered foundation for convenient, fast, and reliable system programming. Alternatively, choose OPENproject for efficient Drag&Drop configuration of the OPEN 810 and lading all connected controllers throughout the entire project at the same time.

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