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Responsive, customizable and complimentary: OPENview is a powerful and easy-to-use Visualization Interface embedded on every OPEN EMS Controller utilizing HTML 5

  • Easy-to-use, responsive HTML 5 Interface
  • Hosted on internal Web Server of every OPEN EMS Controller
  • Accessible onsite or remotely from any Device
  • Including dynamic Graphics, Dashboards, Trends and Floor Layouts
  • Multi-Site Management Function
  • Complimentary with every OPEN EMS Controller

Web-based HTML 5 Interface

OPENview is the web-based Graphical User Interface embedded on every OPEN EMS Controller providing an array of built-in features such as Trend-Log Visualization and Playback, Alarm Monitoring, Multi-Site Management and User-Level Management. Thanks to any OPEN EMS Controller’s embedded Web Server supporting HTML 5, Users can access OPENview onsite or remotely from any Device.

3D Graphics & Customization

The OPEN Controller’s new integrated web server displays the graphics faster than ever. Create stunning animated 3D graphics using our extensive graphics library or the embedded graphic editor of the our programming software FUP XL. With OPENview, creating and maintaining customized views for end users has never been easier!

OPENview ControlPanel

OPENview ControlPanel is the DEOS proprietary Browser for OPENview. It can be used instead of your standard browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox). The advantage of using the OPENview ControlPanel is its ability to enable you to work quickly and independently of the updates of your browser provider. With its embedded BACnet browser it is the flexible tool to discover, test and debug BACnet networks and devices.

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