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OPEN 810

An flexible edge device for your IoT building. The OPEN 810 EMS is a programmable, modular and scalable platform controller and an integral component of the DEOS OPEN system.


Easy-to-use, responsive and complimentary HTML 5 graphical user interface, embedded on every OPEN controller providing an array of built-in features such as trend-log visualization and playback, alarm monitoring, multi-site management and user-level management.

OPENview Control Panel with BACnet Browser

OPENview ControlPanel is the DEOS proprietary Browser for OPENview. With its embedded BACnet browser it is the flexible tool to discover, test and debug BACnet networks and devices.


Intuitive and customizable block-oriented programming in BACnet & HTML5 with extensive library of pre-engineered applications, more than 200 pre-defined functions and live system simulation.

Project Builder

Complimentary project configuration tool. Project Builder assigns the building structure, automatically generates the controller program and loads all connected controllers throughout the entire project at the same time.

Zoning System

Easy-to-configure plug & play building management solution for VAV zones with rooftop units in light commercial applications with complimentary HTML5 graphical user interace and virtual thermostat.

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