OEM Solutions

Benefit from using our leading technology platform – without reoccurring fees!

Our ready-made and cost-efficient building integration technology modules enable OEM customers to quickly react to current market requirements.

Less work and more efficiency for you.

Our focused OEM onboarding process ensures a fast and seamless implementation of DEOS technology within our customer’s solutions.  Tailored customization and engineering services reduce the fitting work involved and enable time and cost savings. Our OEM partners and their customers both profit from increased return on investment and sustainability.

OEM Training and Support

DEOS Controls offers a comprehensive and tailored continuous support program to empower our OEM customer’s sales and technical team with the tools to support their customers. Even after completing the OEM onboarding, you can rely on our versatile assistance covering all topics related to your selected products.

Trusted OEM brand quality

Our know-how and 50 years of experience as well as continuous development of our products guarantee reliability and an above-average serviceable life. The inhouse manufacturing located in Germany, ensures short lead times, flexible delivery and a quality that usually exceed the required level. Certified to all international standards and the highest BACnet/BTL standards, our products provide interoperability with any third-party BACnet devices.

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