Zoning System

Others call it revolutionary, we just call it “Simplicity at its Best”!

Introducing DEOS Controls’ all-new Zoning System. Simply Scalable. Complimentary User Interface. No Additional Software. No license fees. 100% BACnet.

DEOS Controls’ all-new Zoning System is an affordable and easy-to-configure building management solution for VAV zones with rooftop units in light commercial applications (2 to 20 tons). It combines HVAC technology with ease of use at a fraction of the cost so that mechanical contractors can provide energy saving solutions to their customers without requiring a controls integrator. The OPEN 810 as the integral part of the zoning system provides an extensive but easy-to-use front-end. The whole system is getting setup through a web browser.

Boiler Control Module

The optional and fully configurable boiler module provides a cost-effective way to optimize boiler management and includes functions such as lead-lag for pump stages.

Complimentary HTML5 User Interface

No additional software required: Full HD HTML5 User Interface hosted on internal web server

Virtual Thermostat

A thermostat in your pocket. Regulate your zone from your phone. You can check the zone’s condition and change any settings.

Customize Graphics on the go!

Whether your RTU has a bypass damper or VFD, digital or analog heating or your VAV is serial or parallel – Simply choose from the menu’s drop-down and the graphics will adjust instantly.

No Programming required

Select the number of rooftops and zones from the initial setup screen and the graphics and navigation will be generated automatically. Troubleshooting has never been easier thanks to the integrated BACnet MS/TP diagnostic tool.

Schedule & Alarms

Assign up to 10 different schedules to manage each zone’s individual occupancy status. Needless to say, each schedule can be temporary overwritten by an occupant through OPENview or a local room thermostat.

If your HVAC application deviates from a standard VVT zoning system, Project Builder is your choice. Simply choose different devices such as rooftop unit controllers, V.A.V.’s and Fan Coils from the embedded complimentary device library and assign them to previously defined zones and rooms simply via drag and drop.

System Components


  • Flexible Edge Device for your IoT Building
  • Embedded Web Server for hosting of HTML 5 visualization interface and remote Access and Control
  • Extendable with up to 9 I/O Modules e.g. for boiler applications

RTC 1010

  • Unit Controller for Zoning System
  • 10 Inputs (8 DI, 2 AI, 4 AO, 6 DO) with LED Status
  • 10 override switches to manually control each output


  • Supports pressure dependent or pressure independent VAV boxes
  • Supports standard or fan-powered VAV boxes
  • 4 TRIAC Outputs (on/off or pulsed), 2 AO, 2 AI, 2 DO
  • Built-in actuator, 70 lb-in, On board differential pressure sensor

Sensors & Accessories

We offer a full line of peripherals including sensors, actuators and valves.

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It’s time for you to experience the NEW level of Simplicity of Zoning Systems!

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