Himalaya Project

The DEOS Controls Partner Support Team successfully delivered a customized
distributed building management system for our partner Andro Mechanical.

For the Retail portion of the project, we used the UPT Wall mounted fan coil unit controller. For the Office portion of the project on the second and third floor we used the OPEN Zoning System. The Zoning System was designed with one RTU1010 and 14 VAV’s per floor. The Air quality is monitored with our communicating VAV Temp/CO2 wall mounted sensor.

The OPEN810 and two UI8UO8 controlling the chiller and emergency power system including the fuel tank levels for the Gen-Set system.

OPENview, DEOS’ complimentary and easy-to-use HTML 5 graphical user interface, hosted on the OPEN 810’s internal web server, is utilized as front-end. As per our partners requirements, we provided individual front-end navigation with floor plans and customized device graphics.

DEOS Controls’ Partner Support Team holistic services not only included engineering and programming the project, but also pre-loaded and labeled all the componence for the entire project. This allowed us pre-commissioned the project in house. Our partner had the opportunity to review and operate the system and allow to make changes if required. The Support team also assisted the Andro Controls team remotely through a VPN connection during the start-up phase of the project.

This out of the box solution provided our partner and his client with the opportunity to review and test the system before it got installed. The installation got simpler with our in house panels which allowed for a fast installation on site.

Engineering Drawings

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