Proven Integration Around The World – Completion of AT&T Office in Tel Aviv, Israel

The DEOS Controls Partner Support Team successfully delivered a customized distributed building management system for AT&T’s Foundry Innovation Center in Tel Aviv. For the tenant-specific fit out, our OEM customer chose to integrate all fan coil unit controllers with a total of over 8,000 data points. Similar to the EY project, OPENview, DEOS’ complimentary and easy-to-use HTML 5 graphical user interface, hosted on the OPEN 810’s internal web server, is utilized as front-end. As per the customers requirements, we provided individual front-end navigation with floor plans and customized device graphics.

DEOS Controls’ new Partner Support Team holistic services not only included engineering and programming the project, but also loading the on-site OPEN controllers and commissioning the project remotely through a VPN connection.

About the project:

The AT&T Foundries are fast-paced and collaborative environments where developers and start-ups work on innovative mobile solutions for AT&T and technology providers. With innovation centers in Plano, Palo Alto, Tel Aviv and Atlanta, AT&T isbringing innovation to life from across the globe.

The Israel Foundry, which opened in June 2011, serves the flourishing Start-up Nation. Working with teams in Foundry centers around the world, collaboration is the name of the game. This AT&T Foundry focuses on giving developers the tools they need to get the latest innovations and services into the hands of customers.

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