DEOS BACnet controllers receive new BACnet Conformance Certificate


The OPEN 810, 600 and 4100 controllers have received the new BACnet Conformance Certificate as of 1 April 2017.

In January 2017, BACnet International implemented its new global standard, BTL (BACnet Testing Laboratories) certification program. Essentially, this merges the BTL program with the previous WSPCert certification scheme.

BACnet International is the partner for certification of BACnet products. In the context of the associated BTL program, manufacturers shall in future, following successful certification of their products, and in a single step, receive the new BTL certificate (BACnet Conformance Certificate), the BTL listing and approval to use the BTL log. WSPcert certificates shall cease to be issued.

BACnet Standard ISO 16484-5 assures quality

The BTL certificate valid from 1 April 2017 is valid for five years and is update annually. The quality claim on certified products remains uniformly high because the test, as before, complies with the international BACnet standard ISO 16484-5.

DEOS BACnet controllers OPEN 4100, 810 and 600 EMS are now certified

BACnet controllers OPEN 4100, 810 and 600 EMS from DEOS have been certified in accordance with the new BTL program since 1 April 2017. This underscores our claim to the quality of our products. Our system partners and their customers have the peace of mind and assurance of knowing that our BACnet products are always up-to-date.

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