Replacement of an existing proprietary DDC system in a 35-storey condominium building in the heart of Toronto’s Entertainment District.

M5V Condominiums is a 35-storey condominium building located in the heart of Toronto’s Entertainment District along historic King Street West just east of Spadina. Completed in 2012, M5V was designed by Core Architects and Teeple Architects and was one of the first condominium developments in Toronto to receive LEED® Gold accreditation.

In 2020, the building underwent an extensive controls upgrade to reduce high operating costs and to obtain a fully open protocol solution.

Being faced with costly license-renewal fees for upgrading the existing proprietary DDC system, our partner Xtra Mechanical chose to replace the existing DDC system with DEOS Controls, in order to benefit from our license-free HTML5 graphical user interface. Multiple OPEN 810 controller with remote OPEN I/O modules were installed across different locations in the building to ensure reusability of existing equipment and wiring.

By utilizing DEOS Controls’ open BACnet control solutions, Xtra Mechanical were also able to re-use and integrate different existing application controllers, such as those used for make-up air units. The remaining HVAC equipment was integrated through physical inputs and outputs.

The newly installed DEOS DDC system offers precise temperature control, energy savings and compatibility with future installations. The license-free graphical user interface, hosted on the supervisory controller’s internal web server, provides remote access paired with alarm management and historic trend data.

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